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Stain Stop Coating System

Quality 10 Years Guaranteed

Stain Stop Coating System

The Future Of Natural Stone Protection

Stain Stop Coating System

No more staining and etching

Stain Stop Coating System

Protection for life

Stain Stop Coating System

Quality 10 Years Guaranteed

Stain Stop Coating System

Ultimate Stone Protection

      Protect Your Stone

      Welcome to STAIN STOP, The future of natural stone protection

      STAIN STOP is the only stone protection in the WORLD that will guarantee against acid etching. No stone sealer in the WORLD can make this claim.

      STAIN STOP coating is the 'branded' and registered name of the tried and tested stone coating system developed and manufactured in Australia by Innovative Composites Pty. Ltd. (Clearstone).

      STAIN STOP coating are Sydney's most experienced marble, tile cleaning, repairs and restoration experts utilising Clearstone.

      Are you thinking of installing marble, limestone or Travertine in your home or business but worried about the high maintenance (Staining or Etching)?

      Do you have a natural stone which is stained or damaged?

      Our Resin Coating is the perfect choice for MARBLE RESTORATION, our professional team can remove stains and acid etching marks from your marble surface and with our resin coating guarantee they will never appear again.

      Don't like the look of the man made marble look a likes (e.g. Caesarstone, Smartstone etc..)? Want a worry free practical work surface?

      NOW we have the solutions with 10 years warranty against staining or etching or your money back guaranteed!

      You don't have to worry about bacteria, odors, stains or etching getting into your stone anymore.

      You will never have to worry again by leaving food, lemon or wine on your bench top over night or longer, they will be simply wiped off.

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      Why Stain Stop!

      Our Resin Coating allows the freedom of choice to use marble, limestone, sandstone, and other stones for their beauty and opulent characteristics. We use a specially formulated polyester based resin coating system that is clear and no-yellowing which can be applied to natural stone marble, limestone and it doesn't change the appearance of the stone which can go from a honed, satin or polished finish.

      The Resin coating is finished in such a manner that it doesn't look artificial or plastic coated and appears as a natural stone factory finish.

      It is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications for either rejuvenating old stone or protecting new stones, used particularly in areas such as bars, kitchens and bathrooms.

      There is now no restriction when choosing natural stone, our Resin Coating can transform into a trouble free work surface. STAIN STOP is the future in stone protection.

      Our Resin Coating is a protective coating not a sealer. Once coated, the stone itself no longer comes into contact with potentially damaging substances which can cause etching and staining.

      Our Resin Coating is recognised internationally as the first choice in stain protection by many architects, designers and customers alike.

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