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The following instructions are important for the care of all coated stone surfaces:

The coating needs to be treated with care as sharp (knifes) and abrasive (pot scour) materials will cause scratching of the surface, a cutting board is recommended.

It is not recommended that you take hot pots straight of a hotplate or out of an oven and place them directly onto the CLEARSTONE coated surface.

CLEARSTONE coating can withstand a considerable amount of heat but we recommend you use a heat resistant pad or board on top of the surface. If the surface does become damaged it can be repaired by one of our licensed applicators.

 Mild detergents and water should be used for washing and cleaning the surface. Any standard kitchen surface cleaner that you would use on a laminated surface is also acceptable. i.e. non-abrasive mild cleaners such as; Glass cleaner, i.e. “Windex”.

Furniture cleaner/polish, i.e. “Mr Sheen”.

For a high gloss finish, use a soft cloth and ‘CLEARSTONE POLISH’ available from CLEARSTONE.

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Note: light scratches or scuffs marks can be removed by sanding the surface with very fine sand paper prior to polishing.

Under no circumstances should metal or razor scrapers be used for cleaning the surface.

While the CLEARSTONE coated surface is chemical resistant, aggressive chemicals or sealants should not be allowed to contact the coating without first checking their compatibility either by contacting CLEARSTONE or testing a small area to confirm that the chemical is not likely to have any adverse effects to the appearance and/or the clarity of the finish.