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Stone Coating

STAIN STOP Coating utilising Clearstone allows the freedom of choice to use marble, limestone, sandstone, and other stones for their beauty and opulent characteristics.

The Resin Coating is a special formulation with the following features:

• A totally sealed surface that has outstanding stain and etch proofing qualities.
• A totally hygienic surface that will not harbor bacteria or odors.
• Fills open fissures, cavities and faults.
• Covers over joints to give a seamless surface.
• The coating can be finished to the same appearance as natural ‘Honed’ stone, or finished to varying levels of gloss equivalent to a higher polished stone.
•  A worry free practical work surface which does not look artificial.
• Increased scope for Architects, Designers and Consumers in material selection
• A one time application with a 10 year warranty against staining and etching.

We firmly believe that coating the natural stone with a resin composite is the only way to fix 100 per cent the problems associated with stone. This gives the customer a long term solution, without compromising the appearance of the stone and the freedom to enjoy having a natural stone product. See our ‘Chemistry and Stone’ document.

 Natural stone being a product of Mother Nature means that each piece has its own individual characteristics and is composed of different composites with varying performances, STAIN STOP utilising Clearstone,  gives the stone a high performance even surface.

 As marble and most natural stones are opulent and bring value to a property they need to be easy maintained while still being livable. STAIN STOP repair services are the complete commercial solution for stone protection.

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The Resin Coating puts a barrier over the entire surface like a layer of thin clear liquid glass filling the imperfections leaving a smooth surface that prevents any materials/chemicals from coming in contact with the natural stone’s surface.

Is a specially formulated resin coating system that comes with a 10 year Guarantee against stains and etching marks.

Is applied in layers over the stones surface to form a totally sealed impervious surface coating, which retains and enhances the stones texture.

Fills cavities, cracks, veins and open pores, and covers over joints in the stone to form a seamless smooth bacteria free surface that is highly resistant to etching and staining.

Available from a matt "honed" natural finish to a full high gloss, that makes your Marble surfaces easy to clean and maintain. Is fire resistant and meets AS 1530 Surface Standard.

Is totally waterproof along with a high chemical/ stain resistance making it ideal for use in commercial bars and bathrooms.

Is the only stone protection in the world that will guarantee against etching.(etching is the name given to the corrosion of stone such as marble which is caused by the acid found in many common foods and drinks) No stone sealer in the world can make this claim.

Can be applied to any porous stone surface such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx.

Architects and Designers can now specify exquisite stone surfaces for their projects without ever having to worry about ongoing maintenance because the stone has stained.

Before you apply any other type of stone protection, ask the manufacturer or applicator, if they can guarantee the product will stop etching of the stones surface.

We can by using the ultimate in stone protection STAIN STOP (Clearstone).

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